to Jun 7

Boy Friday presents "Cowboy"

COWBOY is an experience that intersects movement and visual art in a rich fantasy world while navigating complex themes from our present society. This new work invites viewers to witness a radical yet accessible way of being - an augmented version of contemporary life. Toy ponies, herds of dancers, sad clowns and drag queens present an ecosystem in conflict. The raw, exposed, stylized edges will attempt to demystify, through movement, theatre and visual art, our cravings of desire and that which is romantic and impossible to attain. COWBOY asks the audience to decide where truth lies: heart, head or guts, and to use that decision as a frame through which to make choices about what to stand up for and how to come together. Navigation and collision appear in physical, visual and experimental ways - highlighting, in todays political climate, an extraordinary need to smash into one another as a simple form of protest. Come join us during this age of desire.

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